• Marlee Rae studied at Capilano College, North Vancouver where she graduated with a diploma from the Studio Art Diploma Program in 2009. She then carried on to receive a Visual Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver in 2012. Upon graduating she has completed many commission pieces for customers and managed a ceramics studio in West Vancouver. She now resides in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island where the beauty of west coast trees, lakes, mountains and ocean views inspire her work.

    "I can easily say that imagination is the light of my life. It has always been a part of me and to be able to express this through my art is magical. It is incredibly satisfying to turn nothing into something.
    Although I love working with clay, photography and printmaking, my strengths and passion are in sketching and painting. I enjoy working in mainly acrylic and watercolor. I understand painting the best, I know how to control it and when to let it go. It can surprise me at times and yet listen to my hand. Most of the time I work from photographs I have taken; I like watching the paint slowly shift into a familiar image.
    Lately I have enjoyed painting distorted, imagined landscapes that evoke other worlds within familiar surroundings. Rich in colour, these pieces have an air of whimsical storytelling, as if they belong in a children's book. I want to bring an element of wonder and focus to the small details."